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QWT The Wise Plan

The Wise Plan is the service that all NT users are waiting for. With a simple subscription plan you can have a group of coders working for you 24 x 7. You should have plenty of new ideas, experiments and analysis but sometimes the coding process needs a load of skills, and it takes time to learn and practice. That way, QuantWise Trading offers a possibility to put your creativity to work for a very reasonable cost. It covers indicator and strategy development, back testing, training, consulting, hypothesis generation and optimization. With your subscription activated you can request for any service and we can estimate the timeline for delivery and futures versions. The rules are very simple and straightforward:

- We work in one project at the time, for example, after requesting to code an indicator, we must go through all steps to finish the work version and then we are able to open a new request.

- There is no work hour limitation. We give you an estimate for how much time we will spend in the project, and you can follow up with the development. Projects can take from hours to weeks, depending on the complexity and scope.

- Some scripts may be impossible to code due to resources limitation. Although we are a very experienced team of coders, there are lots of restrictions over NinjaTrader Script, C# and other external libraries. We are always doing our best to face new challenges every day.

- You can cancel the subscription at any time, just let us know 5 days before the next month charge.

This service requires plenty of efforts from our team so we have limited slots available.

Monthly Fee: US$ 299

After you sign up fpr the service you will receive an email with all intructions about NDA and the next steps.

  • Trading insight

    Watching the market movements makes you understand the cycle.

  • Guidelines

    Translate your conclusions to comprehensive rules using market data and indicators.

  • Coding

    The process where you convert the algorithm in software.

  • Behavior test

    Important! Are the rules following the expected path? We do plenty of tests for that.

  • Historical test

    Time to check the efficiency and performance. Results might request improvements.

  • Realtime trading

    When all things are ready to go, strategies or indicators can be turn on in realtime market and live accounts.

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